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Total Hip Replacement

When the patient has usually two types of arthritis like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis which create deformities in the joints, it becomes clear that total hip replacement surgery is required. The patient is more severely affected like unable to walk, climbing the stairs or sitting on chair. After the total hip replacement surgery which is also known as Hip Arthroplasty, the patient feels satisfied and relaxed. Gradually, he starts making few steps to walk and becomes fully healthy. But, these things take time. The patient has to take care of his health constantly and has to take precautions. The Orthopedic surgeons suggest medical prescriptions for quick healing and recovery of the patient. Though, physiotherapy is recommended by the doctor for instant relief to the patient.

There are some complications which may arise after the hip replacement surgery like blockage in lungs leads to breathing problems, difficulty in urination, infection in the joints or dislocation of the hip. However, the surgeons take adequate precautions to perform total hip replacement surgery in proper manner.

When doctors suggest for this surgery

Orthopaedic surgeons consider total Hip replacement surgery method as the ultimate treatment solution when sharp hip pain cannot be controlled by other treatments or due to some reason the patient is suffering from damaged hip joint. The prosthetic used in this surgical process are made with metal, ceramic, or plastic parts; it is used for replacement of the ball at the upper endpoint of the thighbone and resurface the hip socket within the pelvic bone.

Health conditions that are treated by Hip Replacement surgery

Some recurring Health conditions are known for inducing major hip joint damage. Rather we can say that patients suffering from these below mentioned health disorders often require Hip replacement surgery for enjoying better level of health and fitness.


Commonly recognized as wear-and-tear arthritis, osteoarthritis causes severe damages to the slick cartilage that shields the ends of bones and aids to joints in moving smoothly.

Rheumatoid arthritis:

Rheumatoid arthritis is a life style disease caused by an overcharged immune system. Rheumatoid arthritis procures a type of swelling that can grind down bone and cartilage and create deformed joints.


This is caused by uneven blood circulation. In case a patient suffers from inadequate blood supply to the ball portion of the hip joint, it may create severe injury and that may cause severe difficult in movement.

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