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Knee Joint Replacement

The stage comes with knee replacement surgery finally when the patient has been failed to recover from medicines and other necessary medical treatments. The doctor has no option at last except to replace the patient's malfunctioning knee with artificial components which are known as prosthesis. Even, the patient has to make his mind for knee replacement surgery and his medical condition is to be determined before the final surgery depending on his age and health.

There has been a surge in knee replacement in India over a period of time. People are more prone to knee-related problems like arthritis. They are more incline too fast foods like pizza, burger and other fried stuff. This leads to obesity, weak immune system and high probability of being physically unfit. The joints become malfunctioned due to not having proper exercises and right intake of protein-rich diet. The cost of knee replacement in India is not so economical. It ranges from Rs. 75000/- to Rs. 5 lakh depending upon the patient's actual ailment and knee condition. However, there is a mix of prolonged knee problem and accidental damage knee cases which may cause knee replacement surgery. There are much-qualified knee replacement surgeons in India who are internationally competent like Dr Ashish Jain. Contacting him would be beneficial.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Who should avail this surgery?

It has been observed under medical observation and research that patients suffering from chronic rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis often suffer from knee pain, knee malfunctioning, and the permanent solution for this long term and irrevocable disorder doctors suggest for doing a knee joint replacement surgery. However, people who have experienced major injury in knee or severe infection on knee joint may often require the support of Knee replacement surgery to restore normal knee strength.

How the surgery is done?

At the time of knee joint replacement surgery the damaged and nonfunctioning parts of knee are removed and doctors initiates the use of artificial pieces (prosthesis) for reconstruction the knee
The prime areas that are found involved in this surgical practice are:
1. best service of the shinbone (tibia)
2. lower point of the thighbone (femur)
3. The support is arranged behind your kneecap (patella).

Other conditions of the surgery

The total knee replacement surgery takes around two hour-time and it includes an incision over the knee to be operated. Usually in this process thighbone and shinbone is shaped for getting them prepared for the new portions. The patella gets removed and later a layer of bone cement is applied to fasten the prosthesis. Although it is the conventional method of knee replacement, now a days orthopedic surgeons are using different other method related to surgery.

It takes generally a few days to get recovered from the bed-rest condition. After the surgery, doctors often prescribe rehabilitation support for the patient. By availing this facility a patient, post- knee replacement surgery can come back to his normal state of activity.