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Fracture Fixation

Main aim of fracture fixation is to recover the fractured bone using metal screws and pins.Stabilizing the fractured bone and to enable fast healing of the injured bone , to bring back the normal movement and full function of the body part is the basic goal of fracture fixation.

Types Of Fracture Fixation:

Internal fixation:

It is two part surgery. First, the broken bone is decreased or put back into place. Second, In Internal Fixation the device is placed on the bone. This can be done with screws, rods, plates that are used to hold the broken bone together.

External fixation:

In an external fixation pins or screws are placed into the bone through small cut into the skin and muscle. In many cases external fixation is used as a temporary treatment for fractures. Because it can be easily applied, External fixation mostly used in multiple injuries.