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Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi

Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi

Knee Replacement Cost in India

“Knee replacement surgery can be done for single knee and both knees. Single knee replacement surgery cost in Delhi would be around Rs 247000 - Rs 409000. Both knees replacement cost would be around Rs 395000 - Rs 633000.”

What is knee replacement surgery cost in Delhi or India? Are you looking for the cost of knee replacement in Delhi and India? If yes then your search ends here at Kneejointreplacement.in. Here we will guide you the knee replacement surgery cost in Delhi and India. Knowing the knee replacement cost is imperative because it is not a matter of few thousands rupees. Of course the cost of knee replacement surgery is high but with a successful knee replacement surgery, the patient will feel less pain, and knee will move properly.

What is knee replacement surgery? Let’s understand if before know more about the knee replacement cost in India. Knee replacement surgery is a surgical repair of a joint. It is also called knee arthroplasty or knee resurfacing. The surgical procedure involves reconstruction and replacement of degenerated joints, using artificial body parts. The aim of knee replacement surgery is to remove pain and restore mobility. Knee replacement surgery can be performed as a partial or a total knee replacement.

Orthopaedic doctors or knee joint replacement specialists recommend this surgery for those patients who experience severe knee pain and stiffness. People suffering from chronic knee inflammation and swelling are also advised for knee replacement surgery. The most common reason is reconstruction and repair of knee joint damages caused by rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

The decision for knee replacement surgery must be taken carefully after consultation with a knee replacement specialist. It is a major surgery and can cost you a significant amount of money. So, also know about approx. knee replacement surgery cost. There can be different charges for knee replacement surgery in Delhi depending upon various factors. Different hospitals in India may have different charges for the surgery.

While considering the knee joint replacement surgery charges you should also make yourself prepare for the recommended surgery. Your knee replacement specialist will review your medical history and do a physical exam that may include blood tests and X-rays. X-rays report will help your orthopaedic doctor (surgeon) figure out the condition of your knee problems. Your surgeon will also want to know how strong the muscle support your knee is. In a nutshell, on the proper diagnosis, the surgeon will suggest you to consider knee joint replacement surgery.

The knee replacement surgery cost in Delhi, India also depends upon whether you need single knee replacement surgery (Unilateral TKR) or both knee replacement surgery (Bilateral TKR). The choice of rooms, beds and other facilities can also affect the total cost of knee replacement surgery.

Estimated Knee Replacement Surgery Cost

Below is the knee replacement package you can opt for you depending upon your budget.

Unilateral TKR Package (The Cost of Single Knee Replacement)

Treatment Duration: 5 Days

Sl. No. Four Bed Double Room Single Room Deluxe VIP Suite
1 177000 196000 244000 291000 339000
2 10000 10000 10000 10000 10000
3 60000 60000 60000 60000 60000
Total 247000 266000 314000 361000 409000

Bilateral TKR Package (the Cost of Both Knee Replacement)

Treatment Duration: 7 Days

Sl. No. Four Bed Double Room Single Room Deluxe VIP Suite
1 260000 288000 358000 428000 498000
2 15000 15000 15000 15000 15000
3 120000 120000 120000 120000 120000
Total 395000 423000 493000 563000 633000

Estimated Total Hip Replacement (THR) Surgery Cost in Delhi, India

Like knee replacement, hip replacement surgery can be also done for single hip or both hips at the time. The cost of single hip replacement surgery also called Unilateral THR can be around Rs 251000 - Rs 394000. Below is the unilateral THR package list.

Unilateral Total Hip Replacement Cost
Sl. No. Four Bed Double Room Single Room Deluxe VIP Suite
1 156000 173000 215000 257000 299000
2 10000 10000 10000 10000 10000
3 85000 85000 85000 85000 85000
Total 251000 268000 310000 352000 394000

Knee Replacement Surgery Package Exclusions
  • Cross speciality consultations
  • Room rent over the package
  • Ambulance pickup and drop off charges
  • Blood and blood products charges
  • Any other services which are not listed in the package.

Disclaimer: All the above packages indicate just an estimated charges. Consult Dr. Ashish Jain (a renowned Knee Replacement Specialist in Delhi) for detailed price estimation.